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About Us

At Rise & Shine Handcrafted Body Care, we're passionate about crafting high-quality, small-batch skincare products that are a cut above the rest. Our journey began with a startling revelation – most store-bought soaps are often classified as detergents rather than genuine skincare. This discovery prompted us to embark on a mission to create natural, nourishing alternatives that prioritize your well-being. Based in the heart of Northglenn, Colorado, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every bar of soap, scrub, body butter, and more. We take pride in offering a range of handcrafted products, including facial care, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner bars, and beard balms. Our goal is to transform your daily skincare routine into a luxurious, uplifting experience. Join us in this journey towards healthier, happier skin, and embrace the Rise & Shine difference.




I started Rise & Shine Handcrafted Body Products when Sam the man, in casual conversation, brought it to my attention that most commercial soaps and cleansers are considered by the FDA as detergents. This sent me down a rabbit hole of finding out about ingredients. Which, of course, led me to deciding I could make our own. At that stage, I didn't have the spare time, but I had a lot of dreams taking seed. As soon as I was able to clear some of my schedule, I went out and bought all the stuff I needed to start making cold process soaps and took a couple of classes, researched oils, butters, and other ingredients. The more I learned and experimented, the more passionate I became and the more I branched out to discover other products. 


Our skin is the largest organ we have, I want to make sure we are nourishing it with the best ingredients we can. We all need to make the investment to ensure it is healthy and able to rejuvenate cells because that is the easiest way to stay looking young!


I strive to make the best products possible at reasonable prices. I want you to experience the difference of using my small batch handcrafted products that are especially formulated with your skin's health in mind. 

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